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"When I realized that I needed to update my website, I asked one of my IT consultants if she had a recommendation.  She immediately and enthusiastically recommended Casey Murphy of Quetra Creative.  And in this testimonial, I am doing the same. 

Casey began the process with an insightful series of questions – drawing me into a reflective process, activating thoughts and sketching a creative perspective.  My view and comprehension of the digital frontier began expanding – and this growth process was critical as we entered the design phase.

The design’s focus was on brand identity -- and the need to showcase our extensive portfolio via clean, visually striking and informative design.  After completing an exhaustive audit of our projects’ history, he developed a blueprint for each project’s case-study page.  In doing so, he created a framework that was logical, organized and consistent – featuring the portfolio while allowing visitors to easily navigate the site.

 Our new website now delivers content and functionality thru a transformative use of images, text, color and space – across a wide range of devices, from a 27” monitor down to your typical smartphone. The way finding throughout the website is crisp and intuitive – and I am certain that it will help differentiate our services, trigger curiosity about our firm and enhance our bottom line."

John M. Zayac
Principal, The Project Group

Case Study


The Project Group was established in 1999.  It is a diversified company offering project-management and project-monitoring services to institutional, governmental and corporate clients engaged in the development of capital projects and the management of those facilities. They have emerged as a premier provider of project-management and other related services in the Greater Cleveland area and beyond.

The Project Group partnered with Quetra Creative for a complete re-design of their website. While their previous website served as a functional online presence for a number of years, the site had become markedly outdated in terms of both content and technology.


Early in the project it became clear that we needed to deliver a website that was consistent with The Project Group's overall brand identity and clearly communicated the services they provide. Equally apparent was our need to showcase their extensive portfolio with a design that was clean, visually striking, and informative.

From a technical stand point, we set out to deliver a fully-responsive site that provided an optimal viewing expereince across a wide range of devices — from a 27" monitor down to your typical smartphone.

From a structural standpoint, we needed to develop a logical, organized and consistent framework that would properly showcase the The Project Group's portfolio while allowing visitors to easily navigate the site. To achieve this, we performed a complete audit of their project history. In collaboration with The Project Group team, we gathered all relevant project history information and recorded our findings in a centralized spreadsheet for the purpose of:

  • Establishing a complete, thorough history of every project in their portfolio
  • Defining the appropriate categories and fields for use in the project descriptions
  • Providing a blueprint for the individual design of each case study portfolio page


Using The Project Group's own attention to detail as inspiration, we delivered an ultra-clean, informative and fully-responsive website that portrays The Project Group as who they are — an innovative leader of their industry. 

Performing a complete audit of their project history  allowed us to present each case study in a consistent, logical manner. Moreover, it enabled us to develop a clean, intuitive and organized site structure that is easy to navigate.

The Project Group is a model client. Its defined direction and practical feedback allowed us to take an initial concept and run with it.

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