Software Start-Up Case Study On Brand Creation and Identity


When Acute2020™ looked to establish a strategy to help define thier brand and engage their audience they partnered with Quetra Creative to make it happen.

Earlier this year, we partnered with Acute2020™ to deliver a fully-responsive, clean and informative website to establish a strong online presence for the company.  In addition to their new website, the software start-up company looked for help in their digital branding efforts.


creation of new
logo + mark
Brand identity - solution graphic
branded email marketing campaign
social media platform assets

Logo Mark Creation

Originally the company didn't have a visualized logo using any image - they used only a lettering composition reflecting the name of the company. So, the task was to create a unique logo which company could use in all its products and social media networks profiles.

[ official logo]
[ dark on white ]
[ logo mark ]
[ white on dark ]

Brand Identity Solution Graphic

Acute2020 provides three different solutions. The company wanted a way to present the collectives solutions and brand in a consilidated graphic. The goal was to create a crisp, modern graphic that presents the 3 collective solutions that not only builds upon the brand identity, but embodied it.

[ graphic development]
Image of Quetra Creative marketing and brand identity for Acute2020
[ finished graphic ]

Email Marketing Campaign

To begin developing a strong brand identity with their target audience we established an email marketing campaign that included a custom, branded email template.

Social Media Assetts

For use on their various social media platforms.

[ twitter header image]
[ Linkedin graphic]
We continue to work closely with Acute2020™ on their branding and online marketing efforts and are excited to enable such a promising company to thrive online.
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